quick 13

the drive home has been surreal this week. i've been getting home at 5:40. its amazing the difference between getting home before 6 and after 6. last night i beat everyone home and headed out for a quick 13. it was super windy but man was it great to be outside. i don't think i could've dressed more perfect. knickers, two upper layers with a windvest, wool socks. i could've used some toe covers though. riding into the wind the piggies got a little chilly.
saturday ride at kettle. dare i say they took the rain out of the forecast?
sunday isn't looking so fun. a suprise added competition for casey. kind of bummed as i was hoping to hit washington park with the kids all halloweened out.


velogrrl said...

I had a great, but windy road ride too. Lots more layers and some toe heaters, but I get much colder than you do. I had the ideal amount of layers too.

30 miles, against the wind all the way north but then a big invisible hand pushing me home, the ride home was so fun!! Lights on for the last half. I felt so good afterwards, especially after not being able to ride Mon and Tues.

didn't know they took the rain out for Saturday, that's great.

Little Buddy said...

I hate to jinx it...do you expect the good commute times to continue?? I hope so.

Tom K said...

How's the totally open Ryan? Just saw it totally opened a week early.

MTB Girl said...

I have to say. . . .I hung the road bike up about a month ago and just don't want to touch it. It's MTB or bust for me. Too wimpy I guess.

spicyride said...

the ryan is open both ways! it was not "totally" open yesterday as far as the inbounds were concerned. but now they are. it's sweet. i didn't think i could be this excited about an expressway.
i'm not much of a road bike person. maybe in the spring and i don't even ride roads. i ride paved trails. cars scare me. trees don't.

Christine said...

it is that time of year I guess for piggy warmers. I could of used them last night on the trails.