the drive home

listening to the radio as i drove bos to the train station i heard blah blah blah wide open blah blah blah. i thought to myself the damn ryan is open. it sure as hell was! took me less than 40 minutes to get home (usually an hour and 20)... but having to hit the bank and the grocery store i was actually in the house about 6:30 or so. woo freakin HOO dammit. hopefully the inbound opens soon. i'm not counting on tomorrow. but soon.


Tom K said...

that's awesome. i hope my train starts thinning out. it's gotten jammed since construction began.

spicyride said...

the ride in still blows big time. it took me an hour and a half to get in. most of that time was spent trying to get on. i should've exited at 111th... looks like all they have left is painting the lines? i hope anyway.

The Baron said...

You sound grouchy. You need to blow off work and go for a ride in the sun.