the color purple

i've noticed that lately i've been attracted to the color purple. thinking about the rig i had. and then shopping yesterday i looked at myself and the kids... zoe had purple crocs, purple sweatshirt, casey had on a purple vest and i was wearing purple shoes with a purple crumpler bag.


julie said...

eeek! i work for the purple union and when i was first hired, it was all purple all the time. 4 yrs later, i'll wear purple when required but that's about it. some of our members write poems about loving purple!

velogrrl said...

I have always liked purple. for a long time I was crazy about purple, I chose everything in purple. but now I find orange (especially ano orange) catching my eye, and chocolate brown for clothing. I'm sure I'll go back to purple some day. I think I just needed a break. it's a great color.

you should see my retro purple mtn bike, now a townie bike. it's a very old purple Klein and many of the parts are some shade of purple. remember the 3D purple craze? I bought it from Chris Powell, you probably saw the bike when he used to race it.

BlissontwoWheels said...

i have been on a pretty long green kick.