bmx night

we took casey to hobart tonight for some bmx action. she'd never been and frank had mentioned he was taking keegan last week, so we decided to hit the track today.
it was just as i expected, she was freaked out and nervous for the first hour we were there. john took her just to the end of the course, the rhythm section, and had her ride that a few times. she warmed up pretty quick and soon was over at the gates.
by the end of the night she was pro. you could see the competitiveness come out in her. it was real exciting. nice to be around bikes again.
she made friends with 6 year old morgan, who was killing it out there! she rocked. i hope casey will work to that good.
i can't believe how much she's grown since we've gotten that bike. i remember not being able to get the seat low enough, and now the bike is too small. she's ready for a mini now. but first we'll probably just swap the bar out... unless anybody that reads this is interested in the micro mini? i plan on selling that and getting her a new one. really, its just an excuse to go bike shopping. i don't need or want anything so why not want it for her?


joeyTWOwheels said...

She's got a pretty good pedigree. I think she'll be schoolin' in no time.

mountaingoat said...


Jay said...

If you are just looking to try it I have a mini jr she can use. Maddie has out grown it and I just need it back down the road for Jessie. You can barrrow it as Nate is going pro size 20 and Maddie is going to ride his mini expert and his mini cruiser as I got him a pro size cruiser also. Call me and we can get it to you before the start of next year if you want.

Jason said...

That rocks!!!

benlikesbikes said...

that is so awesome, there are so many of you going up there, it makes me want to start again so badly! She looks like she is having a blast!

Christine said...

How cool and fun!