so much to do

i started xmas shopping in october. i think i started too early. i kept putting it off thinking, well i already started. i have a lot to do between now and next weekend. and of course i don't have the weekend to do it. but that's cool.
i'll be partying it up on saturday. then sunday we're taking casey to see the star wars exhibit.
the lemond leaves the basement this weekend to a good home. christmas will be here next weekend for the most part. new years. before i know it, it'll be feb and i'll get my tattoo. and then it'll be sea otter and wors opener. i'll wonder where the time has gone.
time seemed to go so much slower as a kid. now it seems to go by so fast. it should remind me to enjoy it. its so cliche, but life is too short to not. there wil always be hurdles but life is what you make of it. you can choose to be miserable or happy. sometimes being happy can be the harder choice.


That Guy said...

Dude, PLEASE tell me that you're going to Sea Otter!!!

Also, I haven't started my shopping yet, I'll probably panic and go online later this weekend or something...

amelia said...

dec 27th is when i go in for part II of my tattoo! so excited i can hardly wait!

spicyride said...

ooh, how excting. that's like next week! i have to wait over a month to just start.