i miss my apple

the mac does everything except let me type o, i, u, l and enter. bummer. i'll give it another day or so and then i'm ordering the keyboard.
i don't do anything on my mac that i can't do on my pc... but when i'm at home using it i'm mainly playing with photos or on the web. my pc graphics can't touch the mac. not even close.
its monday morning, well afternoon at this point, and i'm sitting at my kitchen table waiting for the directv guy to leave. i hate directv.


Jason said...

I too am having a crap week with Apple. My iPod crapped out (again!) and my old iMac that I use in my basement as a DVD player crapped out too. It's like Apple senses the time of year and wants folks to go by new shit for Christmas! grrrrrr!

spicyride said...

even though i'm pissed about my macbook i still lust after an imac with a 24" screen and 2 gigs of ram. but really i need railings, a couch and carpeting...

That Guy said...

I've managed to not drop anything on my old Powerbook over the 5 or so years I had it. But 256mb of RAM kind of sucked.
The 15" Pro I just got FLIES. 2gb of RAM helps that, but I keep thinking it's way more than I need for the web and music.
So what.