i've come to write a blog here a few times today. each time i've signed off for lack of anything to write about.
i don't really have anything to write about now, but maybe it'll keep me from coming back here just from feeling i need to.
i've caught up with lost and am watching the 4th season as it goes. i much preferred watching the discs but there is no way i could wait til they released the box set.
i can't believe february is over already. i feel like it just started. i can't believe it snowed again this morning and can't believe it will snow all next week.
i mean, i guess i can. i just keep waiting for that break in the weather where there's a tease. a few days at least of about 40s. something to let us know that yes, spring will be here. as much as i hate being teased i do like getting a taste. it excites you in a way. it does for me at least.
yesterday we went to matt's service. it was a wonderful service. he will surely be missed by those who loved him. i only wished i had the privilege of meeting him. he fit a lot in his 29 years. i think being there helped john a lot.
today will end with bmx and who knows for the rest of the weekend.


Tom K said...


for while you're at work. just recently heard about the site. if we get enough sun, i may hit the paved trails on my cross bike on sunday. they look like they are starting to melt a little when i drove down midlothian turnpike and 143rd.

spicyride said...

we should ride together. seems strange we live a couple miles from one another and don't ride together. we are all of similar abilities. and thanks for the link.