john and i saw the foo fighters last night. i like dave grohl. always have, even when he was with nirvana.
it was a long night. i felt old. not because of the crowd or anything like that, but because i started to get sleepy standing there at about 10:30. i ended up coming around and screaming my head off. upon leaving my back was so stiff i couldn't even bend down.
the drive to and from was nasty. i'm glad i wasn't driving. the snow was like warp drive or something.
6am came real quick this morning. i would rather not have gotten out of bed that's for sure.


fasterjim said...

We were There too. It was a great show.

The Baron said...

R. Don't get me wrong...because I love you and all that shit...but you sound really old. C'mon, girl, get with it.

Ok, fine, call me a jerk.