other thoughts

i can't stop thinking about my earlier post. there's a part of me that wishes i were a bit numb to it but glad i'm not.
monday seemed to come quick. i never made it outside today. if i pushed it i'm sure i coulda made it happen, but little things just kept making it a pain in the ass.
john made a run to walgreens, i asked him to pick me up a ding dong. for some reason i had a taste for one. i got a hoho instead. they were out of ding dongs. i ate one and now i feel like shit.
zoe had a late nap so i think its a late night for us. she's currently playing smash up derby with matchbox cars on the dog. sucker. i can't believe he's just sitting there taking it.
she tortured casey so bad earlier that casey surrendered and just want to bed. after zoe snagged a chunk of hair i really don't blame her.
i'm going to try and think green warm happy thoughts.


Tom K said...

i wish the forest preserves looked like that pic. went out to swallow cliff sunday afternoon and the trails are solid ice with a light dusting of snow on them. maybe 1/3 weren't so bad.

That Guy said...

Hey, I've been there!