more snow and tv

geez. this is the worst winter ever. actually its raining right now and has pretty much melted the 15" we had... so there are lakes in the lawn. i get irritated when the dog has to pee. he practically requires a bath when he comes back in.
since i'm coming into some extra cash thanks to this guy, i may go get john and i some snow shoes. i almost bought them two weeks ago but couldn't bring myself to admit defeat as far as riding outside is concerned.
since being stuck inside i finally listened to brent and put lost in my netflix and now i'm obsessed. i put the episodes in my queue but after watching the first two discs and freaking out about having to wait days for the next disc... i went to best buy and bought season one. i'm actually watching house now. one of my fave shows, hugh laurie is a total hottie.
i really need it to be spring.


velogrrl said...

You will enjoy the snowshoes if you get them. I bet tromping around on your favorite trails at Palos would be fun.

I noticed REI has some on sale. They even have some with orange frames! Take a look at some of the MSR models. Email me if you want more info or want to try mine first.