super bowl

best game ever. i went to my aunt's house with the kids. it ended up being giant fans upstairs and new england fans downstairs.
i personally didn't care who won but i'm always a fan of the underdog. so of course i was rooting for the giants. i moreso wanted to see new england lose. i tire of that kind of mega-hype. tom brady this, tom brady that. hell the press had new england super bowl champs before they even played the game. so the upset was that much more fun.
the tv downstairs had a 5 second delay from the one upstairs and we had a good time messing with the pat fans downstairs. it ended up being a great time. everyone talking shit. i didn't think i'd enjoy myself as much as i did.
much better than saturday. i slept all day and my ass hung out with the porcelain god.
more snow tonight. it's to the point now where if i dropped zoe out there she'd disappear.
speaking of all the snow, you know when it snows and they plow all the lots and you get those big ass mounds of snow. it's like my measurement of when spring will start or when the weather will change for the better when they disappear. now it seems so far away. those snow mounds are huge.


mountaingoat said...

I fell asleep right before the end. I'm kinda bummed, would have been cool to see that final drive.

joeyTWOwheels said...

Thanks for your description. I know exactly how much snow you have.

In my opinion, the only bad thing about the '07 Giants is the blow-hard '72 Dolphins. That and New Yorkers. They don't need another reason...

Tom K said...

thought you'd like to see this.