anyone else freaking out that the amount of rain/snow we are getting won't stop once spring and summer hit? i'm hoping for a normal spring and dry summer. i know its dumb to worry about something we have no control over, but i'm wondering if we'll have to start making north shore-esque trails. not the crazy bridges and stuff but just raised off the ground a touch to avoid the muckiness. i hope not.
we hit bmx practice friday night. casey did the best she's ever done... partly due to her trying to do wheelies up and over every jump which forced her to use her upper body a lot more.
saturday it was her 6th birthday. she told us she was almost 7. woah... let's enjoy 6 first. cake, presents, food and she capped it off by spending the night by her cousin's house.
john and i didn't do anything really. we hung out with casey at my sis' til about 8 and headed home. not much to report on sunday either. i went outsite once to take the garbage out. it was warm and wet. we had a mini lake in our front yard. it was a great sunday morning of just coffee, breakfast, newspaper and the internet. i watched a bit of lost. john napped and played video games. zoe played, danced, fell off chairs and jumped down stairs and off the couch.
i still can't believe how fast february is moving. wednesday i go in for session two- background and shading.


Minigoat said...

This white crap is getting old...really old. If we keep getting this crap, we won't be thawed out until July.

velogrrl said...

The ice is what's getting to me. It's everywhere. It hides under the snow. And it sneaks up on you.

Kim said...

your turn...share the ink!

amelia said...

ooo. how's part one healing up? i go in for the mermaid's final touch-up next monday.

spicyride said...

healed up pretty good. fist and raygun are a bit itchy still but that's about it. you'll have to send a link on over from your last appt. haven't seen the top yet.