time flies.

i can't believe its february 12th already. this month is flying.
spring will be here before we know it. i do have a feeling its going to be a long time before we are off road.
i've read that palos is flooded with ice. it's good to know the trails there are built really well and should hold up.
i was going to order some hubs today but i believe i left my wallet in the car. i bought a coffee this a.m. and must not have put it back in my bag.
tomorrow for sure.
i saw a new sid team today. a white one. i'm pretty stoked. it looks rad. we will be making multiple decals (all colors will come in the box)so you can switch it up. one of the colors is orange. i've got my bike built for the 08 season in my head already, few details left to figure out, but its gonna be sweet! i should start stripping it. it needs new everything. maybe grab myself a ceramic bb.


Tom K said...

doesn't that bike only have about 10 or 20 rides on it? not that there is anything wrong with getting new stuff.

spicyride said...

yeah... but 2 of those rides were mt. morris and franklin. i haven't changed cables and housing since i put that bike together. i even have chain suck right now. grips are ripped from crashing. seatpost clamp is broke from user error. the cranks are trashed from blue mound and just racing in general, but those'll have to do. noirs are expensive.

The Baron said...

I am amazed by your appetite for hot shit. I'm jealous.

Tom K said...

it's got to be harder to not want everything bike related when you are in the bike business.

i wouldn't know anything was coming out if it weren't for an occasional review or people saying something.

amelia said...


Paolo Urizar said...

how well do the noir hold up during the race season? i just got my set and its so blingy its almost disgusting and I'm afeard of making it meet its rocky friends on the trail.

we'll see i spose.

spicyride said...

my noirs have held up well structurally but blue mound scarred them. you are right though, they are so pretty and that's why it saddens me that its inevitable they will meet rocks.