no internet

wow! i went through all of saturday and sunday without visiting the internet. never checked mail, no blogs, etc. it was weird to check everything today and see i didn't miss anything.
bmx friday night. casey's heart wasn't in it when we first got there. she ended up finishing the night pedaling all the way through and pumping in the pump track.
saturday brad came over with the kids and we hung out for a bit. sunday i sat on the couch for a lost marathon. last night we were up for over 3 hours with zoe. she was ready to party for some reason. we probably both would've been more sane had one of us just brought her downstairs and rid her of her mysterious energy.
i'm pretty tired today.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Thought I was the only one. PJ has decided he can't sleep without our attention. I think he's teething.

Up three times (30 mins each) last night.

spicyride said...

its brutal. i feel for you.
this might sound bad, but there were times when zoe was constantly up... we didn't know if it was gas or teeth. so we'd give her motrin or tylenol, orajel and mylicon (never the generic stuff, it never worked).

D A N O said...

Kids are cool... :-)

I'm kinda getting used to all that again after 14 years......

Sometimes when I go two days or more without checking email I freak a bit. Then when I check it after such a long tome and find I have no new messages I get bummed.