i'm trying to ignore it and be okay with it. but i'm swamped beyond my control.
i've had high managers approach me and say we know you are dealing with a lot, we are working on a solution. hmmm...
i'm starting to stress and feel burn out approaching.
update: i asked a co-worker to help me out. i feel a lot better. it's nice as a temporary solution. i guess once i get out of this hole, it hopefully won't get this bad again. if it does, i'll take jeremey's advice and watch that star wars video on youtube.
i'm home already. john is home too. we had casey's parent teach conference today. it went really well. we are totally proud of her. although, at the moment she's downstairs crying because she didn't win at wii against josh. and to add insult to injury zoe keeps hitting her with the remote.
bmx tonight. we are going early to get home early.


velogrrl said...
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velogrrl said...

hang in there!

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ha ha... you got me.