i made it through all of yesterday and today (so far) without eating any of that candy. i can hear many co-workers crinkling the bags for their hourly chocolate fix. i'm not sure how i made it and still going strong.
it could be because i have a head cold and feel like my cheeks and forehead are going to explode. theraflu to the rescue (i hope). i knew it was coming when katie emailed me and asked if i made it through the winter alright with sick kids and everything. i emailed her back, knowing full well when i wrote "actually none of us have been sick" that i'd be sick. but i didn't think it would be less than 12 hours later. there were a couple reasons against me. that and the fact its 50s and sunny today. there was another, but it has left my mind for the moment.
maybe i'll leave early today. i'd love to get in a ride.


velogrrl said...

I bet the cold is keeping your candy cravings in check. that often happens to me when I am sick.

that is about the only good thing I can say about the flu that I had in February - that for a few weeks I wasn't very hungry and I lost a few pounds. that was nice while it lasted!

julie said...

awwww. hope ya feel better! it always seems to come right when we could be playing outside.