pee bee n jay

i made casey a pb n j sandwich for lunch. she's on her way to the field museum with the neighbors. i haven't had one in ages so i made zoe and myself one. i forgot how good they are! mmmm... zoe finished hers as well. except for the crust.
can you believe the weather is crappy today? yeah, me neither. who'd a thought.
i didn't make it out on a ride yesterday so i'm a bit bummed. probably for the best anyway with having a cold.
today i'm stressing out about a lot of things... i'm trying to motivate myself to go through the kids easter things. i know its easter and its fun and all, but, and i don't mean to sound unappreciative at all, but they got tons of junk. and not just candy junk... but toy junk. things they'll never play with or give a second thought to. just things to make the basket look full and pretty i guess. i feel like its such a waste of money. it's one thing if its just like one person... but everyone on john's side buys for them seeing as they are the only kids. his aunts and uncles have no grandkids... some will never and others have a long time before they do.
i'm caught up at work, not counting the shipping error i was part of for a qbp shipment, but i'm trying not to dwell on that. but its hard. i hate making mistakes. hopefully i'll stay caught up for a bit. but DI meetings are the week of sea otter this year which brings about tons of frustrating work. so i have a couple weeks hopefully.
i'm thinking of trying to ride waterfall glenn this weekend. apparently the trails (multi-track) there have been rideable all week. but seeing as its raining right now, who knows.


velogrrl said...

hope your cold is getting better.
and now it's snowing!! big clumpy wet stuff, but it's not sticking.

spicyride said...

it's raining here.

mountaingoat said...

I have PB and J's almost everyday.

D A N O said...

Me too. Mine are always messy cuz I put on too much J.

Sarah Lukas said...

mmm pb and j's are so yummy. mmmm...I wish I had bread...I don't just want the peanut butter and jelly.