sexy bars

i rode my mountain bike last night. i love mountain bikes. i can't explain it. there is something about them that just makes me feel more alive than any other type of bike. i try to find drop bars sexy but i can't. sexy to me is my flat bar with a 9 degree bend. i feel like my mountain bike is a part of me. i have yet to feel that with any road or cross bike.
i'm going to swap my drop bar on my cross bike back to a funky bar and see if i can't fall in love with that. at least until i'm back offroad.
speaking of sexy, thanks to john for putting cleats in my lake winter shoes for my lazy ass. i don't know how i've ever ridden in the cold without them. if you don't have a pair you must figure a way out to get them. it was strange to come home after my ride last night and not have burning white cold toes.


amelia said...

i feel the same way! i am just so much more comfortable on moutain bars (and a mtbike) despite starting my "biking career" as a roadie.

mountaingoat said...

Come out to Colorado with us in July. You'll like those drop bars on the way down from Mt. Evans.

Anonymous said...

like it sez on murphykate's top tube, spicy:

"drop bars, not bombs".

listen to the young girl - drop bar mtn bikes have alwayz been where it at. :)


Noel said...

Lake winter shoes might be the best cycling investment I've ever made.