hanging on

this cold has practically left. but there's a slight linger of congestion. nothing even bothersome, just enough to say i'm not 100% yet.
seeing the results and knowing people that hit sylvan island this past weekend has me wishing i went. maybe next year. sounds like a fun course.
yesterday we hung out at home. in fact i don't think i was outside for more than a minute. i finished up a book i was reading and watched star wars on spike.
i'm thinking rock cut the 27th. i don't even think they've opened the trails for riding yet out there. fine either weekend. one week won't have me more fit over the other.
i can't believe iola is 3 weeks away. there was a part of me hoping john would wanna hit ft. custer. no go. he loves the course at iola too much. which is fine, i was torn about going to michigan and not seeing the wors peeps.
maybe next year the races will be seperated by a week or so.
the weather for this week looks killer (edit: it changed but still okay). maybe i'll get more than 3 hours of riding in.
i'm putting my spot brand mtb on ebay as well as my surly steamroller. i'd like 1200 for the spot (15.5" or so, 21.75 eff tt- x.o, juicy, pink king hubs and headset, reba fork, carbon noir cranks) and 400 for the steamroller (49cm- mavic open pro laced to surly hubs and misc parts). minor changes to both bikes from the pics. if anyone is interested email me- spicyride at g mail dot com.


amelia said...

it's too bad you don't have any sweet 29ers you're trying to get rid of. i'm trying to swap the big sur out for a geared 29er. you always have such nice bikes rachael. the build on the spot alone is making me drool.

spicyride said...

thank you. i lust a geared 29er. the ferrous to be exact but they don't do frame only. the complete bike is mainly built as sram so its not like i can buy complete and then sell the parts.