not me. but casey came home from my sis' yesterday morning with the flu, the projectile kind. luckily she's not completely down n out. she still smiles and talks to us, she has an appetite but can't eat and if she does get anything down she loses it a bit later. i am proud of her though, she's made it to the toilet each time! i think that's a milestone to add to her book.
friday night was so uneventful. nothing to do. essentially just waited for sleepiness to occur and get to bed.
saturday morning had me doing laundry and other boring household chores.
we had a steady flow of people in the morning into the afternoon. jeremey and destiny were the first to arrive to try on some gear and work on zoe's bike. a bit later brad showed up with drake and troy in tow for his tubeless kit and just to hang out on an early saturday afternoon. a bit later we get a call from john's sis, who's in from cali, telling us their mom side swiped their rental in the driveway! do we have anything that can buff it out? sure, come on over. a bit later they showed up with ryder and saige.
soon after we rushed out the door for john's dad's birthday party without case. luckily my mom was able to watch her for a bit.
today i'd like to ride but it looks like i may have to settle on the trainer. boo.