home from work today

luckily its not cuz i'm sick. my gram watches the kids on tuesdays and she messed her back up while vactioning in florida.
i feel a bit better today. i don't feel like whatever was in my stomach is going to attack. it's not 100%, like i still have the gurgling. i am still feeling weak though. probably because i really haven't eaten since friday. once my stomach is 100% i will have absolutely no problem putting that 5 lbs back on.
driving to mario's tacos last night with john and the kids i was a bit bummed about feeling like this going in to iola. i wanted to be healthy.
being this weak and not able to get any miles in for over a week at this point sucks. but then had to ask my self why? in reality i'm not going pro. i race for fun and hopefully that will be had even if it is a slow start.
8:01 p.m. - ewhhh... i went for a ride just now. omg. i barely made it 11 miles. wow, i didn't think i was that bad off. hopefully it comes back fast. i felt like i had just ridden 50 miles offroad and was coming into the finish. absolutely no power whatsoever and my legs felt shakey. boo. my last two experiences on the bike have sucked.


amelia said...

well, your recent bad experiences will make awesome iola seem all the better.

like you, i was kind of bummed about having the last week off the bike due to weather and personal stuff but you're right - i'm not going pro. why sweat a sport race!

can't wait to see you there!