home sick

i left work early today with a stomach bug. i'm thinking its what john had. luckily no race to be missed this weekend. iola is next weekend. i had my nasty cold for two weeks that ended a week or so ago and now stomach stuff today... so maybe iola i'll be able to race this weekend with no issues.
casey is doing fine. no guarantees that won't have permanent teeth issues in 20 years but i'm not going to worry about the what-ifs.
i need to ride. i haven't all week and feel terrible. this weekend's forecast isn't looking to pretty.
trail work day is sunday. hopefully we don't have to cancel it. i don't mind a little rain and mud but if it's too wet...


The Baron said...

Weather at this time of yet creates a lot of what-ifs. We all need to be opportunitistic and take what the ole bitch Mother Nature gives. We're riding Kettle tomorrow, weather permitting. If not, then we're doing a road ride out of Kenosha. You and John are MORE THAN WELCOME to come.