trail maintenance

thanks to ben, jeremey, gage, mitch, nate, gina, tom, chris, beth, casey, zoe and john we got most of the mesa out from under the leaves. finish off sublime, outer leg and its loop, and garden grove and its done minus some bridge repair and tree removal. sweet. about a month ahead of when we did it last year. there seemed to be a lot more work this year.... probably because we didn't do anything in the fall.
i still am sick. this stomach bug has knocked about 5 lbs off me since friday. i have absolutely no energy and hiking and raking through the woods with the short ride after had me feeling it. i was pretty sick after dinner and practically passed out from exhaustion and the chills. thanks to john for making a fire to warm up. good news though, so far the pizza is still with me almost 4 hours later. not without stomach gurgles or anything but its still in there.
and last but not least thanks to ben for what luckily turned out to be something we could laugh about:

glad he was okay. the "shit" part still has me cracking up.

again, i can't thank everyone enough for coming out this afternoon.


mountaingoat said...

Too bad it cam out blurry but you sure do get the idea. I don't even remember cussing there.

I passed out last night. My entire body is sore from all the working and hiking. I'm not used to physical labor like that.

Chris said...

That's awesome.

Glad to hear you're "ahead of schedule" this year. Can't wait to get down there and try them out sometime!

Tom K said...

I guess I should also say thanks to everybody that came out, since those trails are only a few miles from my house.

Now I just need to get out there more often

Little Buddy said...

I am in shock at how good the trails look!!! Hopefully you will be feeling better so you can get out there and enjoy.

bmxmtbfam said...

I am amazed the amount of ballz it must have took to take the bike right to the ground. Right off the lip that thing was diving and he held on for all it was worth. Hope he is ok