ride, again?

i was only out for an hour on sunday but i'll take it. it was a great day.
woke up with the girls and we went out to breakfast. zoe won for having the largest appetite. she had 1/2 a scrambled egg, 2 sausage links, some hashbrowns and a piece of toast. casey and i each had a waffle. we then went to target for some fun spring tees and other boring household necessities. i still think about christine's waffle maker and almost bought one there.
after that we hit the mega-jewel for some grocery shopping. i normally hate grocery shopping. it's hurry up and get the hell out of there. but today i was happy to pick apples with the girls, put them in bags. pick out tomatos, green peppers etc. for some reason they think this is some seriously fun stuff. grocery shopping with the kids always adds about $20 to the bill but yesterday was so worth it.
we played outside for a bit when we finally made it back home (it was only 10:30). bikes, skateboards, scooters. running, jumping, neighborhood kids. making them come in for lunch. eat. snack. and then right out the door again.
john came home from what turned out to be 5 miles short of a century. which then made it my turn. i did my loop and headed home for more play time.
i will try not to complain about the weather for a long time. to have those two wonderful days in a row was pretty sweet. and to have the sun still shining today is awesome. wonders for the mood, not to mention perfect weather to help the trails along.


amelia said...

awww, your day sounds like such fun. glad you could get out and enjoy the weather!

Little Buddy said...

Finally, nice stretch of weather that landed on a weekend!