i don't know what the temps were today but it had to be mid-60's or something. i wore jersey, arm warmers and shorts. doesn't get much better. 42 miles of 1/2 limestone path and 1/2 pavement on my newly made over surly and i can't wait to ride tomorrow. john n brad were on their mountain bikes to even the playing field a bit and make it a bit more of a workout for them. the surly was a 1x10 today because i couldn't find my front flat bar road shifter. so i big ringed the 50 all day. it made me push it when ordinarily i might've wussed out and shifted to a lower gear. my knees sure would've appreciated it though.
john's heading out on a 80-miler tomorrow. i'll go on a short one when he gets home maybe take the burley out for the first time this year.
i'm sort of bummed i didn't bring my camera. there were a couple great photo opportunities.