do the rock?

are your fingers crossed or un-crossed for the rock cut race this weekend?
latest update:
The trails are 99% perfect. There didn't seem to be any washed out areas at all. There were just some areas in the singletrack that had standing water from frost melt still, but this was before we had our 3 consecutive days of wind and warm temps. Should be better now, and the pending rain should run off quickly as always. Should be great conditions.
i for one am hoping the race is this weekend as i'm jonesing to get out. most people i know are hoping for next weekend as they have plans this weekend or aren't ready. if you aren't ready most people probably aren't either. its not wors. no points. just a fast ride with friends in the woods and maybe you'll come home with a medal. but if its next weekend that's cool too as after this sunday it'll be something to look forward to next week. and then the week after iola.
lost starts back up next week and i'm pretty excited! have to make sure the dvr is set to record.
yesterday the girls and i with the rest of the neighborhood kids played outside all day! i was actually hot! i needed some shorts and flip flops that's for sure.


julie said...

i SUPER hope it's this weekend, cuz next weekend is a no-go.

funny fact, too... since they use age-day-of-race instead of USAC racing age, my racing age would change if they moved it back... and if i was a guy that would change my age group too! but they lumped all the women 18-39 together or something like that.

holly said...

I am hoping for next weekend so I can Do It! Just too much stuff going on this weekend.

mountaingoat said...

I just don't want to get my bar tape dirty.

Christine said...

I just washed the red dirt off my bike. Good luck and have fun and DO the ROCK!

I may head out to John Muir if it's still dry tomorrow. We are lucky here in MKE so far, no frickin rain yet and Im loving it.

Cute pics!