i ended up road riding on my ferrous wednesday night. bummed i wasn't offroad. i didn't ride for very long- being on the pavement made me realize how "off" the fit was. i remember years ago it didn't matter how my bike was set up, just jumped on and who cares. nowadays if my saddle height isn't right or my stem is too long my body aches and i don't have as much fun. especially on the road as you're just sitting there.
anyway at least i was out. it was super humid.
last night we got together with siwinski and finished the main mesa trail. one to go and it's done out there! i'm pretty stoked. i am still amazed at how dry it was out there. we were raking dust at times. weird.
garden grove is left. hopefully get to that soon. not sure if i should wait til my blisters are healed or go while they are still open and gross. i hate raking.


benlikesbikes said...

sorry I haven't been able to help! It is awesome how a little bit of care helps the trails stay rideable through crummy weather. the early season raking probably helped alot!