trails, no trails, more trails

friday night i came home and busted out for a ride at the freshly raked mesa. i forgot how tough it was out there. it's not your groomed out balls out kind of riding. it actually needs to be de-rooted a bit. there are roots everywhere. some sections have lost a little bit of flow due to re-routes from downed trees etc. but the new routes will flow soon enough. i actually enjoyed myself the most on sublime. somebody broke the teeter totter which is somewhat of a bother (i don't understand the mentality of breaking stuff just to break stuff, especially when its obvious that someone built it for fun- reminds me of the teens just knocking the garbage cans over on the paved path).
the trails still need a little bit of love but totally rideable. garden grove still needs to be raked. it was fun. i came home pretty tired. i wasn't sure if my body was sore from raking or all the upper body work muscleing my way around the trails.
saturday i finally made an appointment with my cousing to do away with my dark roots. it was to the point i was wearing a hat everyday.
afterwards john and i took casey to see wall-e. it was pretty good, i'd take her to see it again for sure. hit the ice cream parlor and then grabbed zoe from my mom's. we all ended up crashing on the couch when we got home. then a storm rolled in, it was pretty wicked. i actually don't remember if we did anything saturday night? i think we just hung out.
sunday morning john headed out to palos to ride with brad. i hit target for stuff we don't need (i spend way too much in that store) as well as stuff we did need.
shortly after grabbed the kids and headed to palos to do a trade with john. he headed to toys r us with the kids and i hit the trails at palos with beth.
standing in the parking lot we had sunglasses on, sleeveless jerseys, phones in pockets, garmins out. we headed up the staging area singletrack to hit pipeline. is it raining? it's gonna pass. we start heading towards three ravines and the skies let loose. we were under heavy tree cover so we didn't get too wet but climbing ho chi minh was pretty slick. we decided we were still going to ride but wanted to drop all of our gadgets off just in case. right when we hit the parking lot to drop our stuff off the rain stopped.
we headed up the road to green grassy, down green grassy and headed towards bad ass hill. i haven't ridden down bad ass hill in quite some time. hit some of the illegal stuff that brings you to red gate and headed towards turf 1. i love turf 1. i think it's my favorite trail out there right now. i haven't ridden zip tie in awhile so the love for it has faded a bit. up psychopath and hit three ravines again. at the exit beth and i were trying to decide between ho chi minh or one day to gravity to get back to the car (i had to get home for a graduation party that had already started by 40 minutes). beth took ho chi minh (wuss) and i took one day to gravity. i forget what a touch climb that has become. the roots are like steps now.
no real hard efforts this weekend and i can't believe i missed that. but nevertheless it was some fun quality time in the saddle riding dirt.
i'll be riding tomorrow afternoon at palos with sheri. should be a good time.