this morning john and i lucked out with his mom taking the kids for a couple hours. we decided to hit waterfall glen for a fix of non-road, which meant gravel.
i woke up this morning super sore, not sure why. it was awful. my whole body is sore to just the touch! my muscles ache. it's as if i were lifting weights yesterday with every single muscle but my arms. my arms are fine, i expected my back to hurt, but my legs? anyway the ride was horrible. i could barely pedal. these are trails i can bigring all day, even the climbs. i could barely get out of the middle ring and 5 in the back. it was pure torture to turn the pedals. i felt if i kept pedaling i'd injure myself and not be able to ride this coming week. so we called it a day after one loop. sucks. it's not very often we have an opportunity to ride together. and with this summer an opportunity to ride is even hard to come by with this insane weather.
as i sit here at home we have severe thunderstorm alerts. i can't even see out my front window right now the rain is coming down so hard. sigh. i'm sure most of you know exactly how i feel.
hoping we can ride in july... and i'm not joking anymore.


Greg Heck said...

Whenever I spend time pulling weeds, the next day my hamstrings are super sore. Makes you realize that riding a bicycle only really makes you fit at doing one thing, riding a bicycle.

spicyride said...

as hard as i find it to believe, i do now believe it was the pulling weeds. weird, eh?

D A N O said...

Any type of manual yardwork knocks the crap out of me.

Now I just stick to the bike.