rain sandwich

john and i got moving early to take care of the weeds in our backyard. we haven't worked in our yard since before zoe was even conceived.
i'm relieved to finally have the weeds gone. i won't bore you with the details. 6 hours later it still looks ugly but there are no weeds. flowers will follow shortly.
we called my mom in hopes that she'd be up for sitting for an hour or so, we were itchin' for a ride. she agreed but had to throw in "aren't you nervous it might rain?" surprisingly i hadn't thought about it.
rushed home after running the kids over so i could finish getting dressed. socks, shoes, gloves... walk outside step off the stair and it starts raining. it's a light rain so we ask each other should we just go? as we were both about to agree to just go it started really coming down. bummer. not only has the rain dashed all hopes of mountain biking anytime soon it has now dissed the road miles. wtf?
bummed, we went back inside. we then picked up the kids. tornado sirens everywhere. clouds were a nice grey. (i had looked at the radar before we left, just north of us were red and orange blotches. in the middle was us, just a light shade of green. south of us was more red and orange.) we just went about our business. when i got home i heard a tornado touched ground just south of us on 57. wow. i also read about the craziness just north of us in the cheese state. this spring (and winter i guess) has been pretty scary. it seems like there is no end in site for the rain.