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wednesday night i left work not knowing where i'd be riding. sara ditched me so i was either going it alone or hoped beth called me back. while heading to waterfall glen she called and suggested we do the canal trail. the canal trail is exactly what it's name says it is. it's a long singletrack trail that runs along the cal sag for miles. it's pretty flat but has some twists and turns, rocks, logs and duck unders. if you ride up top it's called surreal. it's a super technical narrow rocky trail that i wasn't in the mood for and being wet it'd be slippery.
anyway, we rode the canal trail from kean all the way to the end, turned around and came off the trail at 104th where we took the road to swallow cliff. i had wanted to see the tobaggon area since they took the slides off.

after we checked it out we decided to check out the singletrack and see how bad it was. some of it was bad and some of it was suprisingly awesome. i hadn't been on some of those trails since 2005. i think swallow may be in better shape than bullfrog. my guess is that the knuckleheads that don't read "ride when dry" don't know about them.
one one of the more fun twisty sections we came across this structure:

beth was like why would you wanna sit in there? could you imagine the mosquitos? and seriously, they were worse than 9 mile at times. i may have to purchase stock in off.
we finished with the usual muddy sections, getting off a lot, etc. i used to find that annoying, but now its just another ride. i don't mind.
thursday morning i left the house early with the kids. we went to grab some breakfast and run some errands. we went to target for some diapers, summer clothes and other misc things. i forgot to get the indiana jones lego video game, maybe next time. we then hit the mall to exchange some shirts for casey (which i have to re-exchange) and of course browse the disney store. next up dick's for some life jackets and jewel for some much needed food. it was a long morning, it was work really. but we all enjoyed ourselves.
when i got home i had to bust a move as really i didn't take a vacation day so i played catch up for a few hours. it was so hot out. miserably humid.
when john got home i finally went for a ride. only an hour but it must've been good, my legs are tired today.
this weekend my only plans are chores really, the main being the backyard weeds pulled and work on the front a little. maybe get some flowers. my poor neighbors, i bet they wished we had a privacy fence.


joeyTWOwheels said...

What's they do with the slides or the house up top? Is the warming house at the base still there?

Sad image. Plans for the place? Sledding hill? That would make a gnarly mountain bike race climb.