wors #5 wasn't working out for us with the marathon start. it's been changed to normal wors start times so now we can go! sweet.
edit: damn. i spoke too soon without seeing the actual start times, i just assumed it was normal.


Tom K said...


930am......Citizen Youth (approx. 6 miles)
1000am.....Citizen (12 miles)
1130am.....Elite (36 miles)
1135am......Comp (36 miles)
1140am......Sport (24 miles)

per message board.
sent you e-mail

spicyride said...

yeah, i just saw that. damn.

Tom K said...

i feel bad for you. i know you wanted to go. tell john he should give you a hug or something.

spicyride said...

i haven't given up hope yet. it's only tuesday.

Anonymous said...

talk to jerry D rachel. we might have ya covered b-sitter wise, if that is whatcha mean. if ya don't mind a downhiller b-sitter, last year our son nick took a crew or kids over to the zoo, and it was cool. jerry D has contacyt info.


spicyride said...

thanks tim.

velogrrl said...

I wouldn't have known about this had I not seen your post and comments. Much better start arrangement, I was considering not racing this weekend since last weekend was so brutal. I hope it works our for you guys to go!

julie said...

if it doesn't work out, bring the whole family to the Tour de Fat! It's like a bicycle parade with a bicycle circus.