it's been a long week. i'm home again today. i visited with my gram all day yesterday with my sis. it was fun.
she was smiling, tried to talk. i didn't imagine it would be like that after not having any food or water for three days. they say that the body's metabilism changes and it's almost as if a sense of calm comes over them. that's what it seemed like for sure.
on my mom's way home from work yesterday she had the tingles in her left arm and chin. so my sis took her to the er while i watched her kids (nightmare ensued). my mom was admitted for tests, everything has come back normal so i hope they release her today. but man, what a week for the family.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Chin up, Rach. It's nice that you're all so close in proximity and family nature.

Jason said...

agreed. chin up. these weeks are true tests of endurance and strength. Makes a race seem all that easier. Good luck. Be strong. Kick ass.

BlissontwoWheels said...

positive energy coming your way from madison, i hope that your mama and grandma are doing alright. If it is your grandma's time i hope that it is as peaceful and painless. namaste.