palos today

sheri and i rode palos today. i busted out of work at 2pm. of course there was an accident on the stevenson so it took me instead of 30 minutes to get there, it took 75 minutes. bogus. luckily she wasn't in a rush to get home.
we headed up the staging area singletrack down green grassy, down bad ass hill and into no name trail. through red gate woods to turf 1. up psychopath to dynamite road to three ravines (sorry sheri if showing you the ravine first was lame), up ho chi minh. good times. pipeline to the out n back where we rode out and back, made her do a couple of log overs and then headed back down the staging area parking lot. perfect.
it was a blast showing someone around who had never been there before.
and when she comes back there are still so many trails left to hit! it'll be a whole new experience.
if the rain holds off i'll be out there tomorrow. but my hopes aren't high, it'll be wednesday.