the uncertainty of tomorrow's wems race is starting to annoy me.
listening to the news this morning sports came on... i heard the dude say something like "i guess you're wondering why we aren't reporting on the tour de france? well it's because it's a joke. it's a big dope fest. another rider was arrested today..."
how disappointing for a number of reasons. but it kinda pissed me off. i agree with the doping being a joke, but what other sport tests like cycling does? i see they still report on baseball after a number of athletes are found to be taking steroids. maybe i'm just biased.
ultimately i don't really care what a bunch of cyclists are doing in france, it doesn't change how fun riding my bike is. however i enjoy watching the tour at times and i'd definitely prefer it not be fake or a total joke.


mountaingoat said...

Morning sports radio guys are a joke. They see us (all cyclists) as just fooling around on kids toys. To them golf or horse racing is a "real" sport.

In baseball a player can get busted for steroids the first time and still play that day and the rest of the year. At least cycling gets rid of the cheats instantly.

julie said...

you were smart not to drive up for WEMS. they didn't call it till 8:30am, after the early morning and rainy drive and tolls and set-up. UGH!

MTB Vegan said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I think if they're going to not talk about cycling because it's a dope fest they should certainly stop talking about all the other sports that are the same.

D A N O said...

I still find it weird that those guys still dope and chance getting caught.
Even the one who are making a shit ton of money.
Why would you put your career on the line like that?