damn mac

remember awhile back when zoe spilled coffee on my macbook? well i finally took it in. 850 to fix. brand new its just over 1000. of course i'm bummed at the loss of the mac, but what i find to be still very irritating is when i bought the thing i paid for the care whatever it is. i only paid for that because the sales guy said "like if something happens to your screen like you scratch it, this'll pay for it, the screen is the most expensive thing." i wouldn't have any desire to buy that plan had it not covered accidents... otherwise, to me, what's the point?
meh. what's done is done. move on.
i'm still eyeing the imac. it'll make more sense for us anyway. and not like i'd leave any liquid near it, but spilling on that keyboard'll be no biggee.
rain in franklin? that is kind of a major question for my weekend. that and how the lalonde bros will do at mt. snow.