ditch day

instead of riding palos this evening i was lucky to show amelia and scotty around this afternoon.
they drove all the way from madison to sample what palos has to offer.
we rode trails on and off the map.
usually when we go out and ride we just wing it, sometimes riding trails twice or backtracking. i wanted to make sure we were able to ride as many trails as possible and not ride any twice.
it turned out being pretty good in that we didn't ride any trails twice (well okay out n back but that was by choice! and we at least went the other way. burrito hill too but that was just to get back to the cars). we also had the option to swing back to the car a couple times in case we needed more water or food.
we rode a good portion of trails and probably the best ones. we rode for close to 4 hours with a few short stops to chat here n there. there still are some more trails out there if they wanted to come back and ride something different.
it's fun showing people around on the trails we get to ride all the time. kind of renews your love for them in a sense.
i'm trying to get the ladies out here for a ladies ride. hopefully i'll have amelia to help get 'em all down here.


amelia said...

thanks so much for showing me around rachael. it was a blast! you're lucky to have those trails in your backyard.

Christine said...

That map of the trails looks like fun. Which is your favorite trial?

spicyride said...

my favorite is one that's not on the map. but really it changes from time to time. right now i'm really digging turf 1. out n back is a blast too.