weekend in review

i wanted to ride friday night but couldn't get myself motivated. it had been a long time since i'd been on the saddle. you think i'd be dying to get out there, but i wasn't. at about 8pm after putting zoe down i sucked it up. got dressed and put the light on the singlespeed. i headed out around the golf course and played on the little itty pieces of singletrack. (its amazing how much nicer the walt fork is in comparison to the jackhammer on my ferrous) i then headed out to do a longer loop. my glasses were too dark (i don't have clear lenses) so i had to take them off... the gnats were out in full force. because i had to close my eyes to avoid having hundreds of them trapped by my eyelids it was a little difficult seeing where i was going. so i had to head back. i had a few in my eye and i could swear they were as large as a fly. that's what it feels like anyway. i went back and did the golf course loop again and rode around the neighborhood playing on parking blocks and curbs and headed back.
john was having a gamer night so they were all downstairs hanging out. i ended up crashing on the couch.
saturday had me running a few errands with my mom. zoe needed diapers and she needed help with some stuff. afterwards we had my cousin's going away party.
the party was pretty fun. it turned out to be a decent afternoon after threatening to rain a few times.
sunday afternoon we headed out to palos with zach and sara. it was awesome to get to ride with them. funny that we were all on rigid 29ers. we started by riding the singletrack out at swallow cliff and then headed to the bullfrog area via the canal trail. i forgot how long that trail is. just one long piece of pretty flat singletrack. we then hit the usual stuff and made a pretty decent loop and headed back to swallow. 3 plus hours of ride time on the most beautiful day.
we headed back to my house ordered up some mexican food (what ride is complete without mexican food?)and chatted for a bit.
hopefully i'll get some miles in this week. i need to get back on the bike during the week other than wednesday.


Sara said...

Sunday was a good day. Nice long ride. I was beat yesterday too, but didn't get a ride in. The only thing about Sunday...you totally screwed us out of our inaugural WII experience!!