no riding?

i haven't ridden since 24-9.
this weekend was filled with family, errands and fun other than biking.
i'll admit this morning all i could think to myself was i can't believe i didn't ride this weekend? it was so beautiful.
i even forgot it was kewaskum until i saw the blogs this a.m.
we started working on getting windows replaced, garage door replaced, getting the girls' rooms in order (we haven't had trim in zoe's room since before she was born). the house needes to be painted. lots to do.
i'm getting tired of my house being in shambles and cluttered. i used to take pride in it looking nice, i want that back.


Sara said...

It'll feel so good to get that house stuff done and out of the way. After putting improvements off for years and then finally getting them done, I always wondered why we waited so long.

Happy belated birthday to Zoe!!! I love the picture of the two of them with John's hand over Casey's mouth. What a riot.

Janet said...

I was on the bike last Tuesday. Waaaay too soon. Haven't been on since. Maybe I'll get some time in this evening.

See ya in two weeks!

Christine said...

We just had that argument about house stuff and responsibilities, blah blah. My husband said we can't have a pristine house if we want to have fun and race. Go figure? I want both :-)

spicyride said...

i've found you can't have both... one suffers over the other. but we sure try.