still... no ride.

i need to go for a ride. i feel tired, stiff and old. i'm certain its from inactivity. tonight's not looking good but tomorrow is.
last night i had to go grocery shopping. i had to also pick up birthday cards for three people. this was not as easy as it sounded. however the card i found for my dad had me laughing out loud in the grocery store.
by the time i arrived home, unpacked the groceries (i hate putting laundry and groceries away- actually i hate putting things away- i don't like putting dishes away either) and getting food in the fam's belly it was almost after 8.
tonight i need to get my bike in working order. it still has a layer of dust from 24-9 not to mention parts that need replacing. maybe i'll ride the walt.
i need a haircut.


D A N O said...

Its always hard balancing real life with riding and racing.

I have been working on that for years and still can't do it right.

As soon as I figure it out I'll let you know....

Janet said...

You left out the part about having a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes. The dirty dishes begin to pile up because the dish washer still has clean dishes in it that you've been too busy to put away....

OH - seek out a fancy-pants grocery store that has online ordering and either 1. get your groceries delivered or 2. swing by and pick up your order. SO WORTH IT.

And go get your hair done! You are worth it. Perhaps a bikini wax, too?!