rain of terror

it seems that it rains every wednesday. my night to ride.
i know this because i can count on one hand how many wednesday night rides i've been on this year and the summer is nearly over.
driving south on 55 you could see it was a bit dark out west. but it was northwest. i hoped it would slide right on top of us.
it didn't. as i pulled into the parking lot it started raining (for real). i wasn't giving up. we hung out for a bit and about a half hour later it stopped. it was enough rain to make it slick and grimy (not muddy). it kept our speed in check, we all touched the ground at least once, but man it was so good to be out! i could tell it had been awhile since i'd been on a bike. i was slow and hurting (even at the slower pace).
today we had an unbirthday party for casey. we never had a birthday party for her in february for a variety of reasons.
before school started i promised her something. today was filled with little kids, hot dogs, nemo, swimming and cake. i love cake. i baked two because i wasn't sure if i wanted chocolate frosting or vanilla.


Christine said...

yummy, I love Birthdays! Cute pics of the girls.

D A N O said...

I love Nemo... its in my collection!

Anonymous said...

When in doubt always have 2!

Paolo said...

you so rock.

my bday is the day after jeebus' bday in december.

my mum made me bday cake in july for my friends to remember i 'have' a bday.

you so rock.

velogrrl said...

I second that about when in doubt always have two... that applies to bikes as well!

and most other things, for that matter....