i wish i had a race report to post. or even be able to blog about the awesome rides i did this past weekend (while missing the race).
i have nothing. this weekend was spent helping my soon-to-be-in-back-surgery sister with her kids, errands, house chores, etc. we did have a grad part on saturday for my cousin's kid. their new pool was amazing!
i finally picked out a new sofa for the living room though. and a new couch (futon really) for the basement. apparently the one down there doesn't work well for gaming.
anyway, i'm hoping to get out for a ride tonight. even if it is only a road bike ride, at least its a ride. or maybe my mountain bike on the road and then i can hit a little bit of the mesa. even if it is just raccoon alley. a taste of dirt is better than nothing.
tomorrow is rachael's ride day. i'll be at palos guessing the meltdown course or not. i may bust out the walt. it hasn't seen palos under my power all year.
this weekend it's jill's wedding. then sunday who knows. ride hopefully at palos or kettle. probably palos. i can't see myself driving that far right now.
john's sis is in from cali this week for the wedding so it'll be fun catching up with them. their kids will seem huge i'm sure.


ZMoney said...

Time to start planning an AZ trip!

fasterjim said...

Did you get out this weekend? Palos was bone dry.

Sara said...

Oh my god, I love the standing picture of casey and zoe!!!!!!!

John said...

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