the right call

john and i made the decision to not hit the border battle this weekend.
my stomach dropped when i agreed. i really really want to go, but know it is best if we stay home. casey is already in school and we have lots to do. this seems to be a great weekend to get motivated and complete some tasks.
i have so many things i'd like to get done right now- carpet, tile, picking colors for paint, change prints to freshen up some rooms etc.
everyone have fun up there and don't rub it in too much as to how much i would've loved the course.
hopefully we'll get some killer rides in. i need my legs ripped off to make up for not going.
took the girls for pics last night... i hadn't realized it had been a year since they've had them done professionally. they both were amazing. i couldn't have asked for anything more as far as cooperation goes. zoe made me proud. the photographer was in shock at how good she was. casey made me proud too, she didn't complain and helped her sister get into positions and to remind her to smile. so cute. i'll get them on my flickr account if i can... which reminds me of another project- get the new printer (scanner) connected to the imac.


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

Metro Challenge is Saturday, Come up for the day

Chris said...

Palos Sunday?

MTB Vegan said...

Billa nd I keep talking about getting our pics done professionally with the dogs...maybe now with a new house we will. It'd be nice to have a good family pictures for our new home. Can't wait to see the kiddies new pics!

Janet said...

Bummer on Border Battle. Now I can't heckle you. :-(

I totally understand. The course sounds fun, but I'm sitting it out and saving myself for Laddies Loppet next weekend. I'll try not to pout too much on the sidelines and bottle hand-off like a pro for my peeps. (note to self: need to buy cowbells....or an air horn. AIR HORN! That sounds more fun!)

The sister-hood teamwork sounds awesome.

Enjoy the weekend at home!