Is this thing on?

Nothing much going on here.
John went to Sea Otter to hang out and just ride. He's all tan. I'm so jealous.
I've gotten a few rides in here and there. Nothing worth writing about.
The weather has been great which helps if you're allergic to the trainer. Even this weekend turned out to be decent when the weather peeps predicted rain all weekend.
Friday night I played running bases with the neighbor kids. All while throwing I thought, "damn, my arm is gonna kill tomorrow". It didn't. But today, OMG. I wanted to saw it off.
Saturday it poured in the morning. I looked at the weather (not that I trust it) and saw a window from about noon to 3pm. So I headed out.
I only rode for two hours on Saturday; but still, I think my body went into shock.
Later that night I had blind spots in my vision not to mention a gnarly headache. And everything hurt. Dehydration me thinks. Not sure why, I did ride in a thunderstorm with some pretty heavy rain. I passed out on the couch around 9pm or so.
I even slept in this morning til after 8am. w00t!
Fort Custer is this weekend. Don't think I'll make it. Total bummer, but whatever.
Perhaps it's for the best; I'm in no shape anyway. Although that's never stopped me before...
And House is on tomorrow, so I'm in super fangirl mode. Three more left and my Monday nights will be free again. Kind of bittersweet.