I ended up going to Kettle yesterday. So glad I did.
I met up with Amelia and Renee.
It takes me about 2 hours to get there and they wanted to ride at 11 or so. It was nice not to rush or have any obligations to get back to.
Anyway, figuring out what to wear turned out to be the biggest decision of the day. Getting out of the car at the trail head was fucking brrrr.
Of course I was overdressed (even after taking clothing off while still at the car).
OMG! I forgot how awesome mountain biking is! I mean, I remember it was awesome but forgot just how awesome. The road riding must've dulled my memory.
I was a little timid in the corners, but first ride and all not too bad.
We ran into a few peeps we knew. Chatted with Christine and Regina for a few.
I was really out of shape and hurting bad. However I had a blast. We rode out to Emma and back. Surprisingly I didn't bonk. I had some issues with my left hamstring (I think) that forced me off on 2 climbs but whatever, I don't even care.
When I came home I grabbed some advil and just hung out on the couch. Today I'm tired, but my bod and legs (except for my left hamstring) feel fine. I thought my legs would be dead tired.


joeyTWOwheels said...

This made me laugh:
The road riding must've dulled my memory.

Dull = road ride.