white horizontal accessories

I showed my neglected road bike some much needed love today (well John mostly). I finally put the white stem on (and Red). Thanks to John (and Jesse) it was finished today.
I changed the bar too... I went to a 38 (which has always been what I've measured out for), so I'm looking forward to trying that out.
Check out this bad ass hallway pic... nice huh?

*doesn't the big ring look fucking huge!?

I can't decide if I like the grey perforated tape better that I had on before or the stitched tape on there now... I do like the feel of this tape however. And I dislike the Red finish on the brakes compared to the Force finish (with my bike anyway). Maybe I'll splurge on some Zero Gravity brakes. Or, maybe not.
I haven't decided if I like the Red on my bike yet. For a number of reasons... the aforementioned brake finish, the fact that before my bike was all 3k weave if it was made of carbon, now it's a mix. The Force finish almost kind of matched the 1090 cassette. The red chainrings don't match anything. I kinda liked the stealthiness of the Force. I may be picky to some, but it all adds up to the bike looking "clean". However, I will put performance over aesthetic anyday. The Red shifts WAY better. I almost LOL'd when I shifted it while riding. New Force may be coveted by me.
I also busted the mountain bike out of the corner. I decided I'm ditching Easter dinner and heading to Kettle after all. I'll deal with the fall out (my mom) later.
So anyway, I had to re-Stan's all my tires. Well the Bontragers were still holding air, but I'm sure it needed to be refreshed. The crossmarks on the other hand, those were losing air since Sheboygan.
The mtb will have no changes really. Looks the same as last year. Orange I9's or DT190 wheels?
I need a silver lower decal and some new medical tape on my bar ends and that bike'll be like new.


Sara said...

Oooo la la.

Although I can't quite appreciate it now as I'm in shock that you are posting a pic of a road bike for a reason other than to sell it and you have typed an entire blog dedicated to discussing your feelings on the bike.

I like the stitching.
I wish we could cruise around.

spicyride said...

INORITE!!! People were all like emailing me and stuff asking what it was. It made me realize I never talk about it or have had pics of the MOOTS road bike.
It shall be short lived though.... we went to Kettle today and I realized yet again how FUCKING AWESOME MOUNTAIN BIKING IS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

awesome! i'm glad you went.

yes, I should have added "on our mountain bikes" to the end of "I wish we could cruise around" . Road is good but only if the ground is too wet!