Rant-tastic day.

I've been on a rant all morning, for a couple of reasons.
My biggest rant, and this has been going on for like a week, is I can't take a day off next week. I've been with SRAM for 9 years and we've never had mandatory you better be at work days. I do next week. The week my husband has the whole week off and my kid is on spring break. I'm bitter. Pissed. I'm also bitter at the reasons we have to come in. It's going to suck (at least I'm planning on it sucking and it sounds like it's sucky, I however am hoping I'll be pleasantly suprised). Not to mention that we are down one guy in our department and no plans on hiring another person (when we actually before he left were hoping to hire a fourth). So work sucks (I have no business blogging right now, but whatever). I also never take vacation days. I actually lost vacation last year and this year because of this. My own fault I know. And just as I'm trying to rectify that I can't take it. AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'll add that John doesn't get as much vacation time as me, so him taking a whole week and me not being able to get a day off while he's off sucks.
So then I hear Kettle is open... Sweet. I'm gonna go. But not so fast Not to offend anybody, but I'm not a religious person at all. I dislike Easter, mostly because I feel obligated to spend time with my family (whom I see practically every week, if not every day). And actually I don't even really feel obligated, guilty is more like it. My mom asked if I was going and I said I'm not sure. She about had a shit attack. And I'm sure my grandma, aunts and sis will too. As a kid I did enjoy Easter. We got candy, played with our cousins, etc. I don't want my kids to not have fun and my mom will probably bring them over.
I know I need to get over what my mom thinks. I do enjoy spending time with my family, I just have a dozen other things I'd rather do Sunday (but really just one- ride at Kettle). And again, it's not like I don't see them. Even if Kettle didn't work out, I'd probably do a long road ride and not have to worry about going over there. It is really BORING.
Right now I'm thinking on ditching dinner and heading out to Kettle on Sunday to ride. I'll spend time with my kids that morning giving them their candy and egg hunting (yes, I feel like a hypocrite).
Hopefully Sunday I'll be blogging I made it to Kettle, but I haven't even looked at the weather. Perhaps Mother Nature has other plans.
I could rant all day. I'm just in the mood. I'm surly today.


Christine said...

54 and sunny on Sunday, enjoy! I'll be there since the easter bunny does not stop at our house:-)

spicyride said...


holly said...

Yeah bring on the rant!!! Hopefully you will be able to get out to Kettle, if you do give me a shout and I'll try to join you. I don't think we will leave until later Sun. night.

Tom K said...

i skip my family on easter. we just go to gina's side. unless you are really religious, it's kinda lame. i just saw my dad and my gram, so i won't feel too bad.

if you get stuck at home, i may head out early on the road bike for and hour or two. not sure yet.