My forearms feel huge from raking. My back is still aching. I can't even laugh.
Crossing my fingers the rain holds off and I can get a ride in today. I haven't been for like a week now. This no riding crap puts me in a super foul mood.
I didn't even have any desire to play on the internet last night. Flickr, blogger, twitter and facebook were all filled with updates of everyone RIDING.
I hope to get out soon so I can stop feeling sorry for myself.
Switching gears, John, the girls and I will be heading up to Rhinelander this weekend. It will be their longest trip in a car. Wish us luck. We'll need it to keep our sanity that's for sure.
And then Wausau the following weekend. But then nothing til possibly Eau Claire. I do like that course, so hopefully it'll be in our cards. It has already been a super expensive start to the summer.
I might try to fit 12 Hours of Muir in there. If only to hang out and ride the trails. Maybe John and I can do a 6 hour duo.


Tom K said...

wow. you guys just picking all the far races to go to?

spicyride said...

All the races are fucking far.
The only close ones are Geneva and Franklin and those are far away calendar-wise.
Nothing should be far for you with that rv.