HUGE thanks to Jeremey, Destiny, Gage, Zoe, John S., Ryan and Mark.
3.5 hours raking so that miles and miles of singletrack are ready to be ridden.
Thick leaves and reroutes made up the day.
We have a short loop on the mesa to go and then, if we're up for it, make garden grove a trail again.
My back is awful today. Not to mention my forearms. I expect to look like Popeye soon.
I'd really like to go for a ride today but OMG am I sore. My left hand barely wants to move.
I'm getting old.


velogrrl said...

I'm still kind of feeling that way from all the mud-clogged bike pushing in Saturday's race. Sore. It must feel really good to have that done, though! Many fun evening rides in your future...

Tom K said...

Nice job.