the mesa...

Hm. I went out there last night.
It was muddy. And leafy. I wasn't surprised really, but still bummed.
It needs a lot of work to be fun ride-able.
Lots of raking, reroutes etc and I didn't even get through half the mesa or any of the outer loops. I'm sort of depressed about it.
It sucks not having anybody to help. It's a lot of trail for John and me to take care of, especially so with 2 kids. Garden Grove wasn't even raked last year. If we even get to that this year, it'll essentially be making new trail. I don't remember where the fuck that trail went.
Hopefully there will be time this weekend to get out there and take care of things.
Work to play.


Ben said...

I'd help again, but I am out of town this weekend...let me know for future trips out there

Chris said...

Just get your kids to grow up and help -- my parents always called that type of stuff "chores." ;-)